About Miss Michelle Driggers

michelleAltamonte Springs Tattoo Artist Miss Michelle is a naturally gifted tattoo artist from Detroit and Lexington Michigan that presently resides in Orlando Florida. Her passion for the arts became known when she volunteered her time as a student volunteer for several art programs at the elementary and high school that she attended in Michigan.

While working with her uncle whom was a veteran in the United States Army on her family’s ranch she noticed her uncle’s bright and vibrant tattoos and asked him questions about them. She quickly because more michelle_designsinvolved in the arts and as a teenager began reading tattoo magazines and tattoo history books.

As a teenager she knew she wanted to be a professional tattoo artist so she kept reading and reading and soon became friends with one of the best tattoo artists in Michigan whom goes by the name of Mr. Dave Clark.

At the age of 25 she decided she was ready to get her first tattoo by her friend also known as Mr. Dave Clark whom was a professional tattoo artist Black River Tattoo Port Huron Michigan which is also where she volunteered her time learning how to be

After her first tattoo she wanted more tattoos and eventually asked to be an apprentice so she could learn to be a professional tattoo artist herself. Mr. Dave Clark was kind enough to help Miss Michelle reach her goal of becoming the tattoo artist she always wanted to be and within 2 years she was offered a part time job as professional tattoo artist where she quickly excelled and soon moved up the ranks and became the tattoo shops most requested tattoo artist and was employed for 12 solid years. After those 12 years of tattooing she wound up relocating to Orlando Florida where she quickly made lots of friends in the professional tattoo community in Central Florida and was offered a position as a professional tattoo artist for Imperial Class Tattoo in Altamonte Springs where she is a resident tattoo artist certified by the State of Florida.

Aside from this on her free time Miss Michelle enjoys drawing with pencils, crocheting, gardening, and is a roller coaster junkie that frequents Central Florida most popular theme parks on a regular basis.